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About Tamarack

About Tamarack

Who We Are

Based in Kalispell Montana, the Tamarack Fund is a family office primarily owned and operated by the Binger family. For over fifty years the Binger family has been synonymous with entrepreneurial ventures. The patriarch of the family, William McKnight, was instrumental in the growth of 3M, ultimately serving as its President and Chairman of the Board from 1949 to 1966. The family also has strong ties to Honeywell, where James H. Binger served as President from 1961 to 1978.

Based in Montana since 1973, the Binger family has been involved in a variety of successful local and regional business ventures to include renewable energy, specialty wood processing, ranching and real estate development.

The Tamarack Fund is a collaborative, supportive business partner that brings significantly more than capital to our owner/partners. We offer experience and expertise along with knowledge, wisdom and patience.

About Tamarack

Our Investment Strategy

Based in Montana, we are focused on long-term value creation across a diverse set of business ventures.  We are looking to invest in small to medium-sized businesses with a good track record of profitability, an excellent management team and impeccable integrity.  Our standards are high, and we are selective with whom we invest and work with.  We provide patient private capital, strategic guidance and access to capital markets — enabling you and your company to achieve your vision.

Contact us to learn if Tamarack is right for you.

About Tamarack

Our Investment Criteria

Our investment criteria is simple; we invest in great companies with great employees. Specifically, we are looking for companies: